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Hairitage® app


Through the Hairitage® app, the secret beauty ingredient will no longer be a complicated secret. Our primary goal with the app is to effortlessly allow beauty and personal care consumers to understand and learn more about the ingredients and chemicals in the cosmetic products they use or want to use.

No more complicated scientific jargon, only easy to access and easy to read product information.

The Hairitage app will enable you as a user to:

Simply scan the barcode of the product you want information on

Alternatively, you can take a picture and upload it on the app for information

Get verified and simplified details on the cosmetic product you need information on

Hairitage® Product


The Hairitage app will be launched in 2 phases

Phase 1: Focus on consumer demand & feedback
Phase 2: Focus on product and information listing

If you’re a cosmetic product consumer phase 1 is for you.

Share the products you use with us

Share your experience of these products with us & rate them

Tell us which products you would like us to list on the app

List where you purchased the product from

To get started follow the 3 steps below & be part of this epic journey.

Join the Hairitage® community in

3 easy steps

the app

Upload your cosmetics products

Give us your product reviews & product ratings

Benefits for

Hairitage® Users

As we all are cosmetic product consumers, we can all relate to the struggle of instinctively using products. We hardly do our due diligence to fully understanding the benefits or harm that comes with the products we use.

Hairitage® is here to help you as a consumer achieve the following:

Get simplified easy to understand product ingredient information

Give you a platform to share your product experience

Give you a platform to engage with other cosmetic product consumers

Give you a platform to directly engage with cosmetic brands

Why join

the Hairitage® community

Our mission is to create a knowledge hub specifically for cosmetic product consumers. Through your valuable input the Hairitage app will be able to:

Establish a data base through analysed consumer feedback

Engage with industry players using direct consumer feedback

Develop a search engine using credible data sources

The revolution of cosmetic product knowledge and awareness begins with you.

Benefits for

Hairitage® partners

Brand Trust and Engagement

Over the years consumers have struggled finding products they can trust from the onset. Hairitage® will remove all hesitation and enable quality customer experience through simplified cosmetic product information. Clearly refined and verified product information, will assist cosmetic product brands to gain immediate trust from their consumers inevitably increasing their consumer base.

Our Partners will get access to analysed and verified consumers reviews and will be able to directly connect and engage with their customers.

Brand and Product Exposure

Through interactive user engagement Hairitage® aims to gain an international market reach. Cosmetic product brands will not only reach ideal exposure but will also achieve a healthier reputation with their consumers.

Hairitage® will provide cosmetic product brands with the tools and insight to improve or maintain their brand reputation, build relationships and make informed future decisions.

Access To Hairitage® Business Networking Events

Get information on genuine Hairitage® verified industry exhibitions where you can position your brand or product to a specific target audience and enjoy human interaction with your customers.

Product Launch and Promotions

Launching a new product or running promotions? Look no further as Hairitage® will be the ideal platform to communicate your product and brand developments to your target audience.

The Hairitage® team will also help partner brands draw reports on customer reactions from their Hairitage® ads and promos.